About us

Trusted Tool Mfg.

Designing and building prototype tools has been the cornerstone of Trusted Tool for 20 years. Over the years our experience has taught us that early involvement in the product development cycle results in a high level of customer satisfaction. Through partnership this in-house capability offers a significant competitive advantage to our customers.

Our capabilities become your capabilities and we work to partner with you by building relationships based on trust and teamwork.

Talented and highly skilled toolmakers are key to our success in manufacturing outstanding progressive tools.

Our integrated manufacturing solutions philosophy insures that the talent and experience of our toolmakers is fully utilized for all aspects of our operations. Tooling, precision machining, and production gaging are all integrated to insure that our customers receive the best service at the least total cost. We leverage these skills by integrating them into our entire operation.

Quality production starts with Quality Tools. Delivery schedules can be no better than the delivery of tooling. These indisputable principles are the very reason Trusted Tool has invested heavily in our state-of-the-art Engineering Department & Tool Room. We have the capability to produce all our custom tooling in-house, allowing us to respond to customer needs, set our own schedules and develop proprietary tooling solutions for specialty applications.

Trusted Tool maintains a design staff, and CNC machining department, along with tool & die makers and machinists to produce multi-stage dies, gages and special machines. We have experience in programmable logic control and have in-house personnel for electrical and programming needs. We have built quality dies and inspection gages for the automotive industry for many years and have die tryout capability up to 500 tons.

• High-volume/high-speed, CNC production machining

• 24-7 production capabilities

• Just in time option (for established customers)